Pre school music play groups offer weekly music education sessions for parents and their children alike in various groups in Lappeenranta and in Joutseno (application.pdf)

Babies: under 2 years.

Level 0: 2-3 years. Grownup's attendance required.

Level 1: 3 years. Independent groups. Singing, instrument playing, Introduction to basic music terms.

Level 2: 4 years. Introduction to basic rhythmic and melodic elements. Singing and playing rhythm instruments and body percussion.

Level 3: 5 years. Singing and playing instruments. Introduction to kantele, recorder, accordion, violin and cello in groups. Participating in concerts and projects.

Instrument groups: preschool, first and second grade. Playing familiar songs learned in the play groups with various instruments. Teaching in groups of 3-10 children.

Riitta Jauhiainen, tel. 040 776 6694
Anu Meltoranta, tel. 040 765 5277
Preschool teachers